Less Giblin, How People With You

Ady W. Gunawan, Hypnosis The Art of Subconsious Mind

Deddy Corbuzier, Mantra

Aidh Al-Qarni, Laa Tahzan

David J. LibermanAgar Siapa Saja Mau Berubah Untuk Anda, (edisi bahasa indonesia)

David J. LibermanAgar Siapa Saja Mau Melakukan Apa Saja Untuk Anda, (edisi bahasa indonesia)

Anis Matta, Mencari Pahlawan Indonesia

Jaya,  Factors Wich Affected Self Confidence of Student in Speaking English in Classroom Such Us Motivation, Syness, Fear and Anxiety at Third Semester Students of FBS UNM. Thesis of PBS UNM.

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Mike Bryan and Peter Mabbut, Hypnosis For Dummies




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