Do You Want to Get a Beautiful Smile?

Posted on February 26, 2013



A smile is a positive suggestion to invite good things come to you. A beautiful smile is a beautiful mind. But can you keep smiling if your teeth, mouth, your face and all your facial feature are not matching? I think your confidence will decrease, and that means you cast out most of the the goodness that is coming to you

Read some of the statements below and you will get what you want for it!

  1. My 10 year Old Daughter has been bucking her teeth out by pushing her top teeth against her bottem lip for years and I have known she would need braces once she lost all of her baby teeth. I made an appointment for my daughter to see Dr. Moshiri and she was really worried no one in our family has had braces and she didn’t know what to expect. When we checked in at the front desk the person that checked us in had braces my daugher immediatly relaxed if the people that work for him allow him to put them in braces he would be great. When we had the consutation with Dr. Moshiri I expected him to say she needed braces right away but he informed me that the way she was pushing her teeth out had caused her bottom jaw to not form correctly and that she would need to have her bottem jaw extended before we could ever think about braces I was extremly impressed that he wanted to fix the Core problem before he just put her in expensive braces he told us that if she had braces it wouldn’t fix the Core problem and she would most likely end up having to have braces again later down the road. His assistant working with him also had braces which showed me that if they allow him to work on their teeth that his employees truly believed him to be an exceptional orthodontist. His entire staff treated all my daughters question, no matter how odd, very professionally. She actually left Dr. Moshiri’s office excited and looking forward to her next visit.
  2. To the World’s Best Orthodontists! I love my smile and appreciate your professional staff and your expertise! Thank you for everything!
  3. Drs. Moshiri and staff, I was treated with great respect by everyone here. Previously, my jaw really caused me pain, which worried me. The Moshiri’s treatment plan has left me pain free and I am so thankful! Thank you! Lindsay
  4. Dr. Moshiri, Thank you for helping me have a great smile to take to Miss USA! Tara Bollinger 2003 Miss Missouri
  5. Read another testimonials here!

I think it is very clear and you want it, right? If you really want it and get feeling like the satisfaction you have read above,  the most appropriate answer is
Orthodontist Springfield MO.
You will get a very professional services from a team of doctors. All serveces are:  All about braces, Dentofacial Orthopedics, Surgical Orthodontic, abnormality, mini implant treatment etc. So, focus on the treatment here is not just one your teeth but also towards your whole facial complex, paying close attention to growth modification as needed for adolescent patients with functional appliances as needed. Including expertise in surgical options for adult patiens as well. This provides for not only an esthetic smile, but also gives special attention to providing a beautiful, balanced face.

So, do not worry. Now the solution is getting closer to you. So do not forget to keep smiling in order you can invite the good things come to you.